A Guide to Getting More Facebook Reviews

A Guide to Getting More Facebook Reviews

Did you know that Facebook has more than two billion active users? While younger generations may be heading towards other platforms, there is still a massive market using Facebook that your practice could be reaching. Facebook reviews are a wonderful way to obtain more patients and let the world know why you are worth it as a practice. Today, Pozative is discussing ways to get more Facebook reviews. We hope you learn something new and can get more positive Facebook reviews for your practice.

Getting More Facebook Reviews

Want to get more online reviews for your practice? There are various ways to obtain new reviews from your patients. However, we recommend that you:

Ask Your patients for Them in Person

There is no better time to ask for feedback then when your patient is right in front of you. Once you have finished a transaction, simply ask your patient if they would be willing to leave you feedback on Facebook. Make sure to explain the honest feedback is important to providing the best patient service possible.

Ask Your patients for Them via Email

Along with asking in person, sending a request through email is also another great tactic. We recommend sending them as soon as possible after your patient experience. You’ll be more likely to receive feedback.

Place a Call-to-Action on Your Website.

Making sure you include an area on your website for feedback is another great tactic that can be used to obtain reviews. We recommend not making it too intrusive, or it may irritate patients, making them less likely to leave feedback.

Get More Facebook Reviews with Pozative

Another fantastic way to receive more online reviews is using a reputation management platform such as Pozative. Pozative allows you to create custom review requests that you can send to your patients, if feedback is negative, we’ll let you know before it ever reaches the internet. Pozative also allows you to manage your online reputation in one place, no need to look all over the internet just to see what is being said about your practice.