Buying Google Reviews May Be a Bad Idea

Buying Google Reviews May Be a Bad Idea

Do you have a practice and are tempted to buy Google reviews? When most practice owners need more Google reviews or better stances on a Google search result, it can be tempting to do all that you can to get good reviews in order to pump yourself up. While buying reviews does seem like a quick and easy solution, buying Google reviews can have several consequences, let's take a look at some of these.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

It is no question that the impact of online reviews is that. A study conducted shows that 92% of patients read reviews before making a purchase decision. Google reviews that are bad can cause patients to leave a certain product or service. Obviously, having good and positive reviews on your product or practice can give you a huge advantage over competitors. The only catch is that reviews are only effective if they are authentic.

Many can spot if a review is lacking in truth, so the best method to get Google reviews is by:

  • Ask for feedback immediately
  • Meet them on mobile
  • Make it super easy
  • Automate the whole process

What Does It Mean to Buy Google Reviews?

Buying reviews can include hiring bad practices to write fake reviews. This could also mean offering incentives or bribes to patients to get positive reviews from them. It is important to know that you can ask Google to remove a bad review.

Can Google Reviews Hurt My practice?

Google reviews can have a negative consequence to your practice as patients might mention the incentive in their review, review sites are very aware of fake reviews, and you won't know what is working and what is not within your practice. Ultimately Google reviews can adversely affect you as a practice owner, and your product.

After reading this article, it is obvious that buying Google reviews can be bad for your practice. So, what now? Where can you find reliable and well-written reviews? At Pozative, we pride ourselves on connecting you with your patients to provide online reviews that anyone would be happy to read. Our company is based out of Houston, TX and we would be delighted to schedule a consultation with you and the members of your practice team. Give us a call or send us an email today!