Can Online Reviews Grow My Small practice?

Can Online Reviews Grow My Small practice?

In this day and age, it is hard to know which parts of digital marketing really do work. We often hear about needing to use Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc. but do online reviews help you grow and if so how exactly can online reviews help you? Today Pozative is here to discuss the power of online reviews and why your small practice should be trying to get as many as possible (P.S Pozative can help you get more positive online reviews for FREE).

Online Reviews Are the New Word of Mouth

Remember back in the day when people used to ask their neighbors and friends for practice, product and service suggestions? Well, people still are, just in the form of online reviews! Many potential patients actually look at online reviews before making a transaction to see what your past patients thought about your practice and whether or not they would recommend it.

Online Reviews Build patient Confidence

When it comes to small practices, they don’t quite have the reputation of these larger brands, often making patients a bit hesitant to hand over their money. With online reviews, your potential patients can gain insight into your practice, products and/or services through your patients’ past experiences. Positive reviews can help build confidence in these potential patients, leading to more sales.

Online Reviews Can Help Improve Your Small practice

No one really likes receiving a negative online review, but did you know even those can help benefit, grow and improve your practice? Any feedback should be good feedback for practice; when patients take the time to inform you of something negative, you should take it into consideration—it could help you retain more patients in the future!

Online Reviews Are Free Advertising

When it comes to advertising, nothing is better than getting it for free. These online review sites often cost no money at all for a practice owner and can actually generate potential leads for your practice. Sites like Yelp, AngiesList and even Facebook can help connect your target audience with your practice.

Online Reviews Can Be Used as Content

For many years, testimonials have been used on websites as a way to impress potential patients. However, these days online reviews can simply be embedded into your site, proving their legitimacy. Google has even started including reviews as part of your website search results if your site is designed properly!

How Can I Get More Online Reviews?

You might be wondering what the best way to obtain these online reviews would be. Well, with Pozative, our online reputation management tool, you can actually request reviews from your patients for FREE. Our tool even allows you to specify which sites you would like to target and if a patient ever does have anything negative to say, we’ll let you see it BEFORE it goes online for the rest of the world. Ready to grow your practice with more online reviews? Sign up for your FREE Pozative account today!