8 Local SEO Tips for a Killer Local Search Strategy

8 Local SEO Tips for a Killer Local Search Strategy

Local SEO is the strategy for ranking positively for local search results. Almost half of all Google searches are for local requests, so ranking high in these searches is key to being successful. Here are 8 tips to help you accomplish this goal.

Get Listed on Google My practice

Most local searches are looking for a practice location and address, so getting your info set up properly on Google My practice is a clear first step. Make sure all the info is accurate so searchers will have correct hours of operation and your location opens properly in a map app.

Use Google Posts in Your Google My practice Account

Google Posts allows practices to add special updates, such as deals or local offerings, to their GMB account. It is an ideal way to communicate with prospective patients.

Update Your Map and Make Them Consistent Across All Channels

While ensuring the info is accurate on GMB is important, you must be thorough in checking the info through other sites and forms of social media.

Use Schema Markup

This specific code is added to your HTML for your sire and improves how the info is shown in google searches. It assists Google in identifying what info is the most important.

Optimize Your URL, Tags & Content

All of the small components of your website also get analyzed by Google. So be sure to check the tags and other smaller content to ensure its accuracy and consistency.

Engage In (Smart, Natural & Relevant) Local Link Building

Link building is crucial to getting search engines to trust your site. This will be a long-standing, ongoing task that can take a lot of time to get correctly. Be wary of fast link building, since it can have an adverse effect on your page.

Get on Relevant Review Sites

Many people are influenced by online reviews, so ensuring you are on many review sites and your information is correct and engaging is important.

Track Rankings for Local Searches

Using marketing technology and analytical technology, be sure to track your practices rankings to see if your SEO techniques are helping or hurting.