Everything You Need to Know About The Apple Maps Rebuild

Everything You Need to Know About The Apple Maps Rebuild

There were 85.8 million iPhone users in 2017. Of that large number, only 23.3 million used the map integrated into the iPhone, Apple Maps. This app has been a frustration of many throughout the years. Finally, Apple Maps is getting the rebuild it so deserves to compete with the popular Google Maps.

The Apple Maps Rebuild

One of the main focuses of this rebuild will be to improve location accuracy. Apple will disregard everything they used prior to this and instead have user data and their own fleet of vans and sensors to provide the information. It used to come through a third party, but not anymore.

This should give better road networks, better info for walking distance, accurate 3D renders, improved search results, and spotting road construction.

Local Listings for Apple Maps

Local listing information was never very detailed or accessible. practice with multiple locations can’t go in and change information all at once. A lot of it was through third-party sources.

Google information on local listings much outweighs Apple Maps skills. Apple Maps only has the basics like the practice name, hours, location, and website. It isn’t very detailed. The search doesn’t allow much room. It would be helpful to have different categories available so that one is able to find what they’re looking for.

The Benefits of Apple Maps for Local practices

After the rebuild, Apple Maps is now compatible with the Apple Watch, which makes it easier to access for local searching.

Wearable Tech

The Apple watch sold more than real watches did in 2017. Having the Apple Watch integrate with Apple Maps can make it easier to access. It can vibrate before each turn in direction, and it is the best map app to use with wearable tech.

Apple Maps and Siri

Siri is the phone assistant for iPhones. It is used 3 times more than typing in regular searches. This means there is more of a chance for Apple Maps to be opened and used thanks to Siri.

Yelp Integration

Having Yelp connect to Apple Maps means that it can provide photos and reviews for local practices. That gives more detailed listings, which is one of the components missing otherwise. Connecting Yelp and Apple Maps can help reach a larger base.