Bulk messages can be done when you have a list of your patients uploaded to the application. When your patient list is uploaded, you simply have to select all the patients by clicking the top left box, or you can select them individually. Once you've selected all the patients you'd like to send the message out to, you scroll to the bottom of the page and click "next". The next page will show you who you've selected to send the message to and the message that is being sent and once you approve this you click send and it will send the message out to all of your selected patients.

A quick text is an easy way to send out a review request via text message to new patients after they've been serviced by your company or bought a product from you. You simply need the full name of the patient and their cell phone number. once you click send, they will receive a text message asking to leave a review. If they click on it, they will be asked about their experience and whether or not they had a good one. If they click "yes," they'll have the option to leave a review on Google, or Facebook. If they click no, they will be redirected to a contact form in which their complaint will go and be sent to your email rather than be published online.

When you log into the dashboard, look to the left menu panel and select "settings." Once you arrive on the page scroll to the bottom and you will see a section that shows the different review platforms that your application is synced to. You will then be able to edit the pages synced by selecting "edit" and have the option to change the different pages.

When you log into the dashboard, look to the left menu panel and select "settings." Once you arrive to this page you can see the section on the lower left side called "Edit Quick Text." Here you can change the text in the box and once you have the messaging right, you click "save."

Pozative can be synced to your Google Plus, Facebook, RateMD, Yellow Pages, Healthgrades, Vitals, and Angie's List accounts. Pozative can also be integrated with your Open Dental and Dentrix software in-house to send review requests for your platforms.

This is done by clicking the "patients" section of the menu panel. To upload your patient list, you'll need to a CSV file that shows the names and phone numbers of your patients or you can copy and paste the names and phone numbers of them into the application. By using a CSV file you can update your file with new patients and those patients will be automatically added to the application so you don't have to do it manually every time you get a new patient. Once you upload the patients either through CSV or copy and pasting, the patients names and phone numbers will show up in the "patients" section for your use.

In your left side panel go to Settings, click on Billing and upgrade your Free Account to Premium by filling out the form.

A campaign is a one time text message invite to multiple patients. For example, if you have an event and want to invite everyone to review you that attended. To create a campaign go to Campaign in your side panel and click Add Campaign. Type out a personalized message, click Next, then choose all the patients you want to send it to.

In your left side panel go to Settings, type in your additional location and click Add. Don't forget to sync your accounts and add a team member for that location!

If you have multiple locations you will need a team member to help you manage reviews and reputation for your other location by sending quick texts. You can do this by going to Team in your left side panel, click Add Member, fill out their information and click Add.