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Fill Your Tables with Positive Online Restaurant Reviews

Positive reviews can go a long way towards getting more patients into your restaurant. Unfortunately, many patients don’t think to leave a review, even if they really like your establishment. Here are three tips to get more reviews for your restaurant without breaking a sweat.

1. Ask for reviews.

Most patients will likely not leave a review unless they’re either extremely satisfied or dissatisfied, which creates a skewed rating for your practice on restaurant review sites. The best way to even out those ratings is to ask patients to leave a review instead of leaving it completely up to them.

Automated review apps such as Pozative will automatically contact patients after their experience at your restaurant and prompt them to leave a review, resulting in a wider pool of patient reviews total. This will help you get positive restaurant reviews without needing to do the work on your own.

2. Respond to negative reviews right away.

Every practice gets a negative review at some point. The best way to handle it is to respond as quickly as possible. Be respectful, not defensive, and make sure your goal is to resolve the patient’s issue rather than bash them in return. While not every patient will be interested in working with you, other potential patients will see that you tried to make it right.

3. Use a variety of review platforms.

It’s important to make sure your restaurant is on a variety of restaurant reviews sites, as your potential patients will likely be scattered across several platforms. While keeping track of multiple review sites can be difficult, apps like Pozative can consolidate all of your online restaurant reviews in one place to make it easy to see them all at a glance.

Reviews are the most important aspect of your digital reputation, so don’t leave them to chance. Download Pozative to see the difference it can make in your practice today.