5 Ways to Get More Online Customer Reviews

5 Ways to Get More Online Customer Reviews

Did you know that around 85% of potential customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? With more and more customers moving to the internet for all their shopping needs, now is a better time than ever to be getting more online reviews for your products, services, and practice. Wondering how exactly your practice can get more online reviews? Follow along!

Ask your customers directly.

For those with a store-front and frequent in-person interaction, asking your patients directly for online reviews can be a great way of obtaining them. As you work with patients in person, you begin to build a bond, increasing the likelihood that they will leave you a positive online review.

Utilizing signage in your store or at checkout can also increase the likelihood a patient leaves a review about your practice. Including a link to the specific review site or even a QR code can make it even easier for the patient to leave a review.

Utilize your product packaging.

Do your customers receive products from your business? Including feedback collection with your products can be another great way to receive reviews. It can be a nice reminder when they are opening your package that you appreciate their input about your product, services and/or business. You can include links and even a QR code on product packaging as well to help navigate customers to exactly where you’d like reviews.

Send a review invitation via Email or SMS.

For online companies, requesting a review through email or even SMS can be a great option for obtaining new reviews for your business. We recommend sending them email shortly after the customer has done business with your company; this will make the review more accurate and increase the chances the customer will leave a review.

If a customer hasn’t left an online review after your request, you may send them a reminder after a few days. Be sure to include how important feedback (positive or negative) is to your business.

Use Pozative.

Pozative is an online review management tool that allows business owners to not only manage their online presence but also automatically send review requests to customers once they have received a product or service from your business. Best of all? The FREE version of Pozative includes 50 review invites a month!