4 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important

4 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important

Many businesses want to know why online reviews are important for their companies. While negative reviews can certainly harm your business’s reputation, good reviews can go a long way towards helping your company in the long run. Here are just a few of the benefits of online reviews.

1. Reviews Help Your SEO Ranking

Customer reviews are one of the many things that search engines take into account when calculating your website’s ranking. Having customer reviews, both on your site and third-party review sites boosts your SEO and therefore increases your online visibility.

2. Reviews Drive More Traffic to Your Site

In addition to being more visible with a higher SEO ranking, customer reviews give your company an authority that customers trust. Someone looking into your product or service is much more likely to visit your site if they’ve seen good reviews recommending it. Not to mention, if a third-party review site has a link to your website on it, it’s much easier for potential customers to click through.

3. Reviews Increase Your Revenue

Good customer reviews have the potential to increase conversions. Customers-to-be who see genuinely good reviews of your business are much more likely to take the plunge and choose your business over another with no reviews. A positive word from a happy customer might be the push someone needs to make a purchase.

4. Reviews Are a Source of Free Advertising

Positive customer reviews that are readily available on the Internet can increase sales as well as provides great word-of-mouth marketing for your business without costing you a dime. Former customers recommending your company to their online audience results in free advertising for you.

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