Google: Live View Added to Popular Times Feature

Google: Live View Added to Popular Times Feature

In this day and age, almost all the information you need can be found right from your cell phone thanks to Google and other popular search engines. As time goes on, Google, however, continues to add more and more features to their services. Recently, Google added a live view to the Popular Times feature found through Google Maps which allows you to instantly see how busy a practice is at any moment of the day.

About Popular Times Live View Feature

Are you planning a day of shopping but want to avoid the crowds at your favorite locations? With the new live view feature through Google Maps, you can easily reduce your stress when it comes to shopping by avoiding the times when your favorite locations are most busy.

Along with the new live view feature, Popular Times can also provide information about how long patients typically stay at the specific practice. You can now plan out an entire day of shopping while ensuring you make the most of your time.

Google Maps also recently launched an update that can help practices with multiple departments, allowing them to list individual hours of operation per department. This new feature is excellent for patients interested in multi-tasking while shopping. Certain locations may have departments with alternative practice hours, such as a pharmacy located inside a grocery store, or the repair department of your favorite car dealership.

Want to make the most of your time this holiday shopping season? We recommend using Google’s newest Popular Times feature!

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