How Can Customer Reviews Boost SEO?

How Can Patient Reviews Boost SEO?

When it comes to owning a practice in 2018, having an online presence is essential. In fact, did you know about 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions? Making sure your practice is ranking on Google should be a top priority, and patient reviews can actually help make this happening. Wondering how practice reviews can help boost your SEO?

As mobile search becomes more prevalent than desktop searches, page 1 has been downsized. All of the top results for mobile search queries include businesses with the highest ratings and the most reviews. This is thought to be due to the fact that these days, potential patients want immediate results with the most relevant information and are less likely to continue scrolling to find additional businesses.

Spread Your Reviews Across Multiple Sites

When it comes to reviews, Google reviews are obviously extremely important for ranking well on the search engine. However, your business should be focusing on more than just Google. Having reviews across a variety of sites will allow potential customers of those sites to find your business along with providing links and authenticity for the search engine.

Showcase Your Business Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, displaying them for potential customers to see can also be extremely important. Customers are much more likely to read the information provided by prior customers than information your business has crafted about itself. These reviews may also prompt the customer to explore your website to look for the products and/or services found in these reviews.

Automate Review Generation

Wondering how you can get more online reviews for your business? One of the best ways is to ask! With Pozative, you can even automate review requests to your customers, allowing you to focus on the business while Pozative handles the rest. With Pozative you can customize the message your customer receives and you will even be informed of any negative reviews BEFORE they get posted online.

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