How it works

Sync Your Facebook & Google Accounts

It's simple! To sign up for Pozative use an email and password you prefer - one you use and check frequently. Next, add the location or locations of your practice. Once you fill out the required fields a verification code will be sent to the email you signed up with and you will input it to continue the process. Proceed to sync your practice accounts for Google plus and Facebook.

Manage Your Reviews and Responses

Your dashboard gives you important data on how many quick texts you've sent out to patients, how many reviews you've received during the month, what the reviews say and more so you can stay up to date with the reviews you're acquiring. You can also set up your goals for that month in the bottom left side of the menu panel and this will help you determine how many you'll need to send out to meet your goal.

Manage Your Reviews and Responses

Quick Text

Once you sign up, at the top of your dashboard there is a button to send a quick text. Once you click it, simply fill in the patient’s full name and cell phone number to request a review. It's as simple as 2 steps! In the settings on your side panel, you can customize the default messaging of the quick text to something that appeals to your audience.

Quick Text

Customized Review Invites

Custom Text: Cater specifically to your patients when you send out review request text messages by changing the default message to something you prefer.

Brand Recognition: Your logo is included in every text message sent across so that patients immediately recognize that the message was from you and can easily trust to reach your accounts to leave their review.

Custom Campaigns: Have a promotion? An upcoming event? Add a campaign and customize your message for each one. Send to all or send to some, we’ve made it easy for you to text multiple campaigns to patients at varying times throughout the year.

Customized Review Invites
Customized Review Invites

Easily Upload patients

CSV Upload or Copy/Paste: You can easily import your patients by copy and pasting or uploading a CSV file. All you need is a column for Name and Phone Number.

Individual Upload: You have the option of entering patients individually.

Specific patients: Once you've uploaded your patient list you’re able to view everyone entered into the system. You can even select certain patients if you wish to send specific messages to a select few.

Easily Upload patients

Bulk Messaging

Save Time With Bulk Messaging: Sending text messages in bulk is useful when you're trying to send a review request to multiple patients at once. (Don’t worry, it’s not a pesky group text) It allows you to stay organized and if you want, set up a schedule for sending.

Select Certain patients: You don't have to send your message to all clients, for example, send out a text specifically to new patients that have been added to your list. With this feature, you can tailor your campaigns and messages to individual clients and can avoid sending requests to any that have already left a review.

Bulk Messaging Bulk Messaging

Manage Multiple Locations

Easily Add Locations: If your practice has multiple locations you can easily add and manage every location in the Pozative platform.

Credit Each Location: See how you’re doing at each office, on each account, with patient reviews specific to the location they visited. Add team members to make sure Pozative is set up and running in every location!

Upload Different patients per Location: Stay organized and upload your patient lists separately for each location. This allows you to differentiate between each offices’ patients.

Manage Multiple Locations Manage Multiple Locations

practice Number Integration

Now you can send Quick Texts directly from your practice' phone number!

Do you usually ignore text messages from unknown numbers? So do your patients! Improve response rates by integrating your practice' number with Pozative.

Allow your patients the ability to save your number for future reference, directly from your incoming message. No more guesswork to see who the text is from, which means no more spam or blocked labels for your practice. Get the reviews you want and more calls from returning patients, all from one text.

Bulk Messaging Bulk Messaging

Add Staff Members

Click on team in your side panel, click add member button, fill out their contact information and add! They will be able to manage the location assigned to them.

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Integrate your CRM

When you integrate your CRM, Pozative will automatically send text message invites to your patients after they check out or leave your practice. This automation not only saves you time but makes it even easier to filter out and address any negative reviews.

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