How Online Reviews Impact Local SEO and Why They Matter to Your Bottom Line

How Online Reviews Impact Local SEO and Why They Matter to Your Bottom Line

If you’re in any kind of practice, you are aware of just how important your reputation is. It’s invaluable, especially when it comes to online patients. The feedback you get should be monitored, as online shoppers often rely on reviews before making purchases. More than 90 percent of patients make their decisions with the consideration of online reviews. Let’s get into some tactics to help you manage your online reputation.

How Consumers Use Online Reviews

When a patient is looking at reviews, they’ve already got a pretty good idea of what they want. Reviews are critical, because a review can cause the decision to buy an item to go from yes to no in the blink of an eye. Small practice need to be wary of this, as having negative reviews can cause patients to avoid your product and opt for this with better reviews.

Why Online Reviews Matter for Local SEO

Pozative has found that review sites provide very accurate information that patients use to make decisions. This also affects your visibility in Google, as online reviews make up roughly about 10 percent of how search engines rank the results.

Crafting a Review Acquisition Strategy

Put some thought into review sites that could work for you and get some awesome reviews posted on there. Be aware that some sites exclude reviews from search engines while others may push results towards different search engines.

Online Reputation Management

Managing the reputation of your practice online is essential to your performance. You can even use Google Alerts or some other service to keep tabs on your mentions and reviews. By doing so, you can be proactive and listen to the feedback.

Moving Forward with an Online Review Strategy

Now that we have gone into a bit more detail on how reviews influence your practice online and influence the decisions of consumers, you can build your reputation management strategy with ease and avoid the confusion that can come with starting from scratch. With more positive reviews, you can see an improvement in the performance of your practice.