How to Ask patients for Online Reviews

How to Ask patients for Online Reviews

If you are a practice owner in 2018, you’ve probably heard how important online reviews for your practice can be. But how exactly do you go about getting more online reviews for your practice? Pozative is an online review management software that allows practice owners to request and manage their online reviews easily from one place! Today, we’re discussing what you should avoid when requesting an online review from your patients. We hope you learn something new and can start getting more online reviews for your practice!

Asking patients for Online Reviews: What NOT to Do

When it comes to asking your patients for online reviews, there are some definite things you should avoid, which include:

  • Offering incentives for your patients to leave reviews.

    Did you know that offering an incentive in exchange for an online review is actually against Google’s terms and conditions? Not only can incentives get you penalized by online review sites, but it also makes it less likely your patient gives you honest feedback. Honest feedback is important for ensuring your patients are satisfied.

  • Publishing fake reviews or encouraging someone else to do so.

    Another huge no-no on review sites such as Yelp, Google and even Facebook, publishing fake reviews. In many instances, potential patients can also tell when reviews are not authentic, making them less likely to do practice with you. Review sites will also penalize you for leaving fake reviews or even reviews that are a conflict of interest (aka: practice owner, employee, family member, friend).

  • Ignore your existing online reviews your practice already has.

    Just because someone has posted their opinion doesn’t mean they’ve stopped telling people about it. Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, always make sure to respond. Providing transparent communication looks much better than simply ignoring negative feedback and can actually resolve your issue and bring back a potential patient.

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