How to Get Great Online Reviews for Your practice

How to Get Great Online Reviews for Your Practice

Did you know about 70% of online consumers are influenced by online reviews? Much like older generations depended on word-of-mouth recommendations, today’s shoppers depend on these online reviews to make their purchasing decision. And, Google has noticed this trend; the majority of review sites rank at the top of search results. So how exactly do you get great online reviews for your practice?

Ask the Right People

When it comes to receiving more online reviews of your practice, it is important to make sure to ask the right people. First time patients or those that might not know enough about your practice are much less likely to leave you a review. Got a returning patient? Someone who just loves your product, service or practice? They may just be the perfect person to ask!

Ask at the Right Time

Have you ever received an email asking for your input a month after you made a purchase? Chances are you can barely even remember the entire event. It is important to ask your patients for reviews when you are fresh on their mind.

Ask the Right Way

The majority of review sites frown upon asking for positive reviews, and your patients most likely do as well. When asking for a patient to review your site, be sure to just simply ask for their input. Even if their review isn’t perfect, it can give your practice insight into improvements that can be made.

Ask Again

Have you sent a review request and haven’t received a review? Don’t give up just yet; sometimes it may take a time or two before the patient leaves a review. It is important however not to spam or harass your patient; simply send them a nice reminder and let them know you would LOVE to hear about their experience.

Engage with Reviewers

More often than not, a practice only responds to the negative reviews they receive, and while this is important, you must remember to engage with the patients that love your product, service or practice. Whether you simply say “Thank you” or let them know how much you appreciate their practice, this interaction can help your client relationships and reputation.

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