How to Get More Positive Reviews from Your patients

How to Get More Positive Reviews from Your Patients

When it comes to online patient reviews, most practice owners have recognized the correlation between positive reviews and search engine rankings. This has resulted in quite a few practices essentially begging for “5-star reviews”, which may work for some. However, most patients frown upon it. So instead of soliciting positive reviews from your patients, why not try some of these tips on how to get more positive reviews from your patient.

Pay Attention to Current Reviews

When it comes to patient reviews, many practice owners think that quantity is the only factor. While quantity certainly factors in, the quality of your reviews is also important. Make sure that you address any reviews your practice currently has. If you have negative feedback, be sure to address it online as well as in your practice. If your company continues making the same mistakes, people may continue leaving negative feedback.

Reach Out to Negative Reviews

It is important as a practice to address any complaints, feedback or concerns your patients may have. If possible, reach out to any negative reviews offline to see if you can fix the problem and change their opinion. When replying to negative reviews, make sure you are calm and professional, nothing looks worse than a practice owner publically arguing with one of their patients.

Make Reviewing Easy & Simple

When it comes to receiving reviews, making it as easy as possible is best. Include links to any review sites you prefer on your website and any printed material your patient may receive. This will remind them to leave feedback without it looking like your practice is just begging for online reviews.

Use Pozative

Many practice owners have found Pozative to be an easy way to obtain new positive reviews and even manage old ones. With Pozative, you can automatically send your patients a review request after they have done practice with you. Best of all, you are notified before their review goes online if it is negative.

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