How to Get Positive Reviews on Your Website

How to Get Positive Reviews on Your Website

For many practice owners, the thought of reviews for their practice can be scary. What if a patient ends up leaving a negative review? How will future patients respond to a negative review of your practice? Although positive reviews are obviously preferred, a negative review isn’t the end of the world for your practice. It is much better to have mixed reviews than no reviews at all in today’s shopping world. Did you know the majority of patients check online reviews before making a purchase?

So how exactly can you try to ensure your practice reviews positive reviews?

Evaluate Your Current Reviews

It may seem silly to look back to reviews in an attempt to gain new, positive ones, however reviewing how the public perceives your practice can be a great asset. Do you have any negative reviews? Have you resolved the issue with the patient? Have you responded to their review? Have you resolved the issue in the review? Reaching out to a patient that has had a negative experience may give you an opportunity to fix the problem and even change what they said about you. Revolving the problem discussed in the review can also benefit your practice and decrease the likelihood of another negative review.

Ask patients for Reviews

Although it is frowned upon to offer incentives for a review, asking your patients to leave a review about their experience is always recommended. Unfortunately, people tend only to think to leave a review after they have had a bad experience, those with a positive one often fail to do so. When you initiate the conversation, you are more likely to receive reviews about positive experiences. You can initiate the review topic verbally or even use signage within your store to bring attention to the idea.

Get Pozative

Want an even easier way to ask patients for their feedback? Pozative allows you to automatically reach out to patients once you have completed your service or sold your product. The automated message can be customized with your logo and whatever text you like. Best of all, we offer our basic version, which is forever free and includes 50 review invites a month. Why not try it out for free?