How to Manage Your Online Reviews Effectively

How to Manage Your Online Reviews Effectively

When it comes to owning a business in our new digital world, managing your online reputation and reviews is very important. Did you know about 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions? And, 70% of those consumers say they use online reviews to help with those purchase decisions! Wondering how you can manage your online reviews more effectively? Follow along!

Respond Correctly

When it comes to responding to online reviews or posts about your practice, it is important to use the right words and tone. We’ve all seen the practice owner arguing with a dissatisfied customer in front of the world—don’t be that business owner. Look at negative feedback as room for improvement, thank them for their feedback and make sure another customer doesn’t have the same problem.

Respond Quickly

When it comes to resolving a problem, it is important to try and do it quickly. Whether you respond to the customer publically or attempt to reach out privately, it is important to try and address their problems or concerns as soon as possible. This will also show prospective customers that you are attentive to your practice and customers.

Keep Reviews Up to Date

When looking for feedback about your product, services or business, consumers are interested in relevant and current information. It is important to continue receiving reviews of your business throughout its lifetime.

Learn About Social Marketing

Your reputation and reviews don’t only exist on sites like Yelp; consumers could be talking about your business on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. It is important to reach out to your audience and be part of the conversation, even on these sites.

Use the Pozative Review Management Tool

For many business owners and agencies, online reputation and review management tools can help with managing online reviews and reputation. With Pozative you can manage your reviews while generating fresh, new, positive ones. Best of all? You can even get free review requests each month!