How to Transform patient Experience In Healthcare

How to Transform patient Experience In Healthcare

Excellent patient service and patient experience are two critical factors for the success of any practice and healthcare is no different. Over the years, a demand for better care and more attention has emerged. Ultimately, our patients want to feel important again. Organizations that fail to provide an adequate patient experience may find themselves facing the consequences of a digital society, negative PR, and reviews along with a tarnished reputation.

Addressing Patient Concerns/Complaints

For most patients, visiting a healthcare facility is not the most exciting experience. They most likely aren’t feeling well and may not be receiving the best news. It is important to avoid any reasons for a patient complaint, however, these situations can’t always be avoided. If a situation does arise where a patient has a concern or complaint it is important to address the patient’s issue immediately, do so with empathy and be sure to apologize for any lapses in exceptional patient service.

Effectively Communicating with Patients

Effective communication is an essential part of any relationship, especially the relationship your staff has with a patient. It is critical for your healthcare staff to understand how to effectively communicate with a patient and even their families. Be sure to always be kind, professional and caring. Eye-contact can be an extremely part of communication as well and make the speaker seem more sincere, competent and believable.

Being Responsive

In this day and age, instant gratification is an essential part of life. The majority of Americans can instantly find an answer within a few moments on their smartphone. It is important as a healthcare provider to provide prompt and direct information to the patient in regards to any test results or treatment plans.

Following-up with Patients

Did you know that following-up with patients can lower their risk of readmission? Not only that, following-up with a patient can leave a positive impression in regards to their healthcare at your facility. In most instances, a patients first and last memory can be the biggest impression for their entire medical event.