Local practice Reputation Management

Local practice Reputation Management

Reputation is a big deal if you are an everyday person, a world-renowned celebrity, an accomplished thief, a person of God, a politician or a popular entertainer, it matters. Reputation is important to more than separate individuals. In the practice world, it has an even broader impact.

One of the most in-demand areas of reputation management is boosting local practice reputation. Pass or fail, practice success all comes down to reputation.

But how do local practices build their reputations? Maintain a good reputation? Destroy a reputation? Change a reputation for better or worse?

This can be challenging for local practices. It is a well-known fact that it is hard to change an established reputation. It consists of more than a mishmash of deeds and actions. Reputation comes down to people’s perceptions. It all happens in the mind, and we all know how hard it can be to change someone’s mind once it is set.

However, advanced technology has moved this obstacle over to the land of the algorithm and removed it, at least partly, from the area of perception. Now, small practice reputation comes down to a science, not an art.

Local practice Reputation Management is All About the Online Reviews

Online reviews collectively summarize the reputation of a small practice. It is that simple.

Studies have shown that 97 percent of consumers search for local practices online. During this process, they stumble upon reviews. These comments and ratings help consumer’s form an opinion on a company.

practice and product reviews are not only very visible; consumers trust what they read. Trust and reputation go together like peanut butter and jelly. Online reviews are trusted sources, just as much as a recommendation by a close friend. Up to 67 percent of consumers make purchase decisions based on reviews.

What patients See in the Search Engine Results Page Forms the practice’s Reputation

When a consumer types in a query and views the search engine results page (SERP) it shapes their opinion about the company. If the viewer spots a negative review in the SERP, that practice can expect to lose just under 22 percent of its patients. Additional negative reviews can have a devastating impact:

  • One negative review on the first search page = 21.9% loss of patients
  • Two negative reviews on the first search page = 44% loss of patients
  • Three negative reviews on the first search page = 59% loss of patients
  • Four negative reviews on the first search page = 69% loss of patients
  • Five negative reviews on the first search page = 99.9% loss of patients

The foundation of local practice reputation is online reviews. When a potential patient uses Google to do a search with a local practice name, everything they see on the resulting pagecontributes to that practice’s reputation.

All local practice get reviewed, this includes restaurants, banks, bars, dental practices, insurance agencies, realtors, plumbers — everyone.

Which Reviews Sites Matter?

The most important site is Google My practice, this is the hot spot for boosting your local practice reputation. Google is the leading site for reviews because it is the most visible.

You need high visibility in a search engine when building your practice reputation. When a patient does a search, what pops up first is the biggest influencer. Our minds rely on the first piece of data that gets put forth; we think what we see first.

In addition, Google rules because for 70 percent of iPhone users it is the map app of choice. Countless consumers go to Google Maps and Google search to learn more about a practice.