Negative vs. Positive Experiences: Which Have More Weight?

Negative vs. Positive Experiences: Which Have More Weight?

We’ve all seen scathing reviews left on websites such as Yelp, Google or Facebook. But, what exactly drives patients to leave negative reviews? Is there a reason that people are more likely to remember and recount a negative experience over a positive one? Unfortunately, the answer is yes!

Negative patient Experiences = Negative Online Reviews

Negative experiences tend to involve more thinking and emotions; the information about the experience is also processed more thoroughly. This can result in people ruminating more about an unpleasant experience, often even causing them to use stronger words and more details to describe it to others. It’s for this reason why statistics say that consumers are more likely to leave a review when they’re dissatisfied with a service/product than leaving one when they’re happy.

So as a practice owner, what exactly can you do to avoid negative reviews? You should avoid offering a negative experience, to begin with, but you can also make a greater effort to achieve positive reviews from the consumers who usually wouldn’t bother writing one.

Increase Postive Reviews with Pozative

So what can you do to increase the likelihood someone shares a positive experience about your practice? Ask them! With Pozative, you can urge patients to leave a review about their positive experience once they leave your practice. They will receive a text message with your customized review invite, asking if they’d like to leave a review about your practice.

As you continue to receive more and more positive reviews via Pozative, any negative reviews your practice may have received in the past will be buried. Your overall rating on review sites such as Google will also increase, improving your local organic SEO rankings. With the ability to push reviews to various platforms, you also have more exposure on these websites where patients may find out about your practice.

With the Pozative application, you can also import and reach out to existing patients and invite them to share their positive experience. This allows you to boost your practice' online reputation on multiple platforms quickly. Take control of your practice’ online reputation today with Pozative!