Online Review Generation

Online Review

Making sure you look good, when they check you out.

Pozative catches your happy patients

For every 1 negative review that you receive, there are even more happy patients that simply haven’t left you a positive review. As a result, your ratings look a lot worse than they really are. With Pozative's seamless process of requesting, posting, and tracking reviews, you are able to capture those happy patients right after they walk out of your door!

Choose which review platforms to boost

Through Pozative you can choose which mediums to push for reviews. Many times, a practice will have a great rating on one medium but not another. Don’t make this mistake! Everyone looks up a practice differently so make sure you’re looking good from every angle.

Get reviews from past patients

If you have a lot of current and former patients that you could reach out to for reviews, our bulk messaging feature can help you boost your online reputation on your review platforms in no time!