The Correct Way to Handle Negative Reviews

Online Reviews and Your practice in 2018

Did you know about 93% of people regularly read online reviews prior to deciding upon a local practice? In 2018, online practice reviews may be even more important than ever. Crowd-sourced review websites such as Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor (and many, many more) are playing a bigger role than ever when it comes to the online success of your practice. Wondering why? Your potential patients and even search engines are looking at them daily to make decisions.

The Importance of Online practice Reviews

When it comes to online reviews for your practice, there are many benefits your practice can experience. These benefits include:

Free Advertising

Every practice owner loves free advertising, and online reviews are just that! Depending on the various sites you place your practice, you can reach various different audiences. Although Google reviews are typically the most viewed, certain potential patients may use other review websites such as Facebook, Yelp or even YellowPages. We recommend using as many review sites as you can to ensure that you reach as many potential patients as possible. Make sure however that you have time to interact with patients on each platform as it is important to engage with patients and respond to any reviews.

Constructive Criticism

Although many practice owners find negative reviews to be an attack on their practice, these reviews can also be extremely important! When a patient takes time to leave criticism about your practice, they are giving you critical information about how you could improve your practice. Whether the negative review focuses on your employees, products or services, it is important to pay attention to what is being said about your practice. Neglecting to improve problem areas could result in more negative reviews and lost patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Along with future, potential patients, online reviews can also have a big impact on your search engine optimization and ranking. With recent updates to search engine algorithms, practice with more, positive reviews and now seeing higher visibility.

How Can You Get More Positive Online Reviews?

With the importance of online reviews on the rise, you may be wondering how your practice can get more positive online reviews. Luckily, Pozative allows you to automatically reach out to your patients with a review request, increasing your likelihood of receiving an online review. In the event a patient has negative feedback, we even let you know BEFORE it ever hits any review sites. Start getting more online reviews today, create your FREE Pozative account.