Optimizing Apple Maps for Small practices

Optimizing Apple Maps for Small practices

When most people think of generating SEO content, they typically think of Google et al. However, monitoring profiles on Google+ is not the only thing you should do – attention should also be paid to Apple Maps. While we at Pozative believe Google+ Local deserves the attention it gets, Apple Maps has become quite popular with iPhone users. Some optimization ideas for getting started with Apple Maps are listed below.

Getting Set Up

Setting up listings in Apple Maps is easy when compared to how it is done for Google. It only takes 3 steps – performing a search, adding your practice, and creating a listing.

Perform a search to find your practice

When you can locate your practice and find the placement accurate, you can go to the last step. However, if your practice is not listed you should continue to step 2 – adding your practice.

Add your practice

You can add your practice to Apple Maps by navigating to the bottom of the screen. On the right side there will be an information button that looks like a circle with the letter ‘I’ in the middle. Select the option to report a problem, then choose the missing location option. Once this is done, feel free to move onto the next step.

Create your listing

While at your practice, drop a pin. The system will generate an address – check to make sure it is accurate. If you want to improve accuracy, pinch the screen and zoom into your location. When the correct address is displayed, continue onto entering information about your practice. Once this is done, hit send and wait for publication.

Operation Optimization

Once your listing is up, there is another thing that can help – Yelp. Yelp is highly influential, so make sure your reviews are good. Having the top 3 reviews be positive is a large boost to how Apple shows you in their listings. Photos that are uploaded to Yelp by users will show up on your Apple Maps listing as well, so keep an eye out.

With this information in tow, you can optimize your practice to show more frequently on Apple Maps, driving more traffic your way.