Pozative vs. Podium

Pozative vs. Podium

In the last few years, the internet has become much more important for practice owners, with more and more patients turning to search engines and social media to provide them with information about products, services, and practices. Part of the potential information patients are paying closer attention to these days are online reviews and a practice's overall reputation online. These reviews may be found on Google, Yelp, Facebook or a variety of other websites your potential patients frequent.

So what exactly can you do to ensure you have the best reviews and reputation possible? Recently, various “patient interaction platforms” such as Pozative and Podium have begun to sprout and grow. These patient interaction platforms allow practice owners to track, manage and take part in their online reputation. But which platform is right for you and your practice?

Pozative Provides Bulk Messaging

When trying to interact with patients of your practice, sometimes it may be nice to send a bulk message to all of them. Whether you are having a sale, an event or some other promotion, Pozative allows you to create custom messages for any occasion and easily send the message to one, or all of your patients with the click of a button. With other patient interaction platforms, you must manually send each message, consuming time you could be focusing on actually running your practice!

Pozative Offers a Free Version

Unlike other patient interaction platforms like Podium, Pozative offers a free, basic version. With the free version, your practice can send up to 50 review invites, send bulk messages, bulk import patients and build your reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. When you see how beneficial Pozative is for your practice and online reputation you can easily upgrade to our Premium version to receive unlimited review invites, unlimited practice locations, unlimited staff members and even integrate with your CRM!

Interested in improving your practice’s online reputation and reviews? Get started with Pozative for FREE with our basic version!