Problems of Managing Multiple Locations and How to Solve Them

Problems of Managing Multiple Locations and How to Solve Them

When it comes to starting your own practice, the idea of running multiple locations and having a team of employees is most people's ultimate goal. However, managing multiple practice locations can come with its own set of problems. From communication and cohesion to scheduling, being the leader of a multi-location practice can be very tough.

Proper Scheduling

When it comes to opening new locations for a practice owner, it can be a bit difficult to be in each of your practice locations at one time. Many practice owners will find themselves focusing on the newest location while neglecting their other locations. It is important to make sure as the practice owner you are capable of visiting your locations as needed. Proper scheduling can aid in this, allowing you to allot your time among the different locations properly.

Employee Cohesion

As multiple practice locations begin to open, cohesion among your employees and even locations can become a problem. If locations are within competing distance, it can be common for employees to even compete among the locations. It can be important to establish that the success of the entire practice is what is important and that everyone, regardless of their position within the practice or exact working location needs to be working toward the same goal at all times. Regular meetings involving the entire team (including every employee from every location) can be helpful in introducing team members and encouraging company cohesion.

Poor Communication

As with scheduling, communication across each practice location can become difficult not only for the practice owner but also employees at each location. It is important to establish company goals and rules and provide proper training for any employees. Creating a cohesive practice plan that each employee is aware of can help when it comes to communicating what practice expectations are. It can also be heavily important to make sure that communication about any problems within the practice is handled properly and cohesively.

Pozative can help with managing multiple locations when it comes to managing your reviews across a variety of practice locations. You can assign different team members, view all your reviews in one location and even communicate with any of your patients.