Public Relations VS Seo: Which is Better for Online Reputation Management?

Public Relations VS Seo: Which is Better for Online Reputation Management?

Has your brand or practice had an uh-oh? Wondering if public relations or SEO would be better for your reputation management? At Pozative we specialize in reputation management and making it easier for practice owners to take in the conversation about their brand online. Today we’re discussing SEO, public relations and which is better for your online reputation and management of your image online. We hope that you learn something new and can apply it to your practice or brand. If you have any additional questions about reputation management, SEO or public relations, feel free to contact Pozative. We’re always happy to answer questions.

Public Relations

When it comes to public relations, it is all about molding what the public sees about a brand, practice, person or even product. Starbucks for example used public relations to quickly bury the scandal that took place at their Philadelphia store, within a week or so, everyone had moved on to something bigger and better. Good PR can not only help create a more positive brand image, but it can also help dilute any negative press about the practice online, especially through search.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, the ultimate goal is molding how search engines such as Google view your website. With Search Engine Optimization, content is usually optimized to perform better on search engines, and when done improperly can have a big impact on user experience. Done improperly, SEO can also have a negative impact on rankings. It is always important to hire a trustworthy agency when it comes to SEO or you could find yourself penalized and sliding off the 1st page. Reviews are an important part of SEO and Pozative can help your practice obtain more positive ones.

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