Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening

What is a social media listening tool?

You might have heard of a social media listening tool and wondered exactly what it is. The answer is simple: they are tools that will help you in identifying and tracking conversations that are happening on social media that are specific to a service, product, or brand. This will ensure that you’re able to respond right away if support or more information is needed. Plenty of people will use social channels to talk about the experiences they’ve encountered. practices need to be able to join in on these conversations in order to obtain and keep new patients.

Getting Started with Social Media listening:

The sooner you’re able to tune into these conversations that are happening on social media, the better. Whether you’ve been online for years, or you’re just getting started, it’s imperative that you make use of social media listening.

There are tons of social conversations happening at all times, so you might wonder how you listen in on all of it. The key is to use keyword-based social listening. Make sure you learn about the keywords that pertain to your practice or industry.

Focus on brand mentions, competitors, patients, niche markets, and hashtags. These are just the minimum though. As you listen, you’ll learn what else you need to tune into.

Benefits of Social Media Listening:

There are many benefits to listening in on social media. Want to listen in on social? There are a few reasons you should:

  • You’re able to share your expertise and knowledge when necessary.
  • You can identify your patient’s satisfaction and their complaints.
  • You can see what questions are being asked frequently.
  • Find out what sites your patients are active on. Consider having a better presence on them.
  • Check out what people are saying about your competitors.
  • See how you’re ranking in the local environment.
  • Get more traffic to your website.
  • You can offer company blog posts, videos, and resources when appropriate.
  • Your patients will trust you more.
  • Work on your brand by keeping your voice and values clear.
  • Find out where you could improve.
  • Keep patients with your excellent patient service.
  • You can find people that you can hire.

There are many other ways to benefit from social media listening, and you’ll discover them as you make an effort to ‘join in’.