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The 9 Essential Integrations Your CRM Software Should Have

One of the most important things any company should encourage is an effective CRM software. This helps to improve current and future practice for both small or large companies. Continue reading to learn nine essential integrations a company’s CRM software should have for optimal assistance and efficient workflow.

Cloud Integration.

It is already quite common to find CRM providers equipped with cloud integration. Cloud integration allows for updates and services through the cloud and different subscription options. It is a cheaper investment and allows for efficiency.

Email Integration.

CRMs allow for specific addresses in which employees can better use while keeping the company name.

Phone Integration.

Different CRMs provide a wide range of options with regards to platform calling that is typically used for sales calls. It saves employees on time and is an efficient way to reach potential patients.

Calendar Integration.

CRMs will often incorporate workplace calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook Calendar for easy to use task and event management as well as scheduling.

Marketing Automation Integration.

CRMs also have several options with in regards to marketing and sales departments. They help to lower the boundaries and easily connect the company and unite different departments.

Social Media Integration.

Effectively tracking trends and patient engagement can allow for improved marketing and social media advertising.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration.

It is important for many long-standing companies to use CRM software that can readily be incorporated into their system.

Helpdesk Integration.

Helpdesk integration provides faster service that can benefit patients and the patient service department.

Mobile Integration.

An on-the-go practice can greatly benefit from mobile integration especially in regards to updating account information and managing tasks and contacts.