The Power of Online patient Reviews

The Power of Online patient Reviews

In this day and age, everyone has a website for their practice. So how exactly can you stand out? Online patient reviews are a great place to start! No matter how much you talk up your practice on your website, a potential patient would much rather see what your patients have to say about your practice, product or services. Online patient reviews highlight your practice whether they be negative or positive, allowing potential patients to gain insight into the quality of your practice, patient service, products and even services.

Popular Platforms for Online Reviews

Wondering where you can find online patient reviews? They can be found in a number of places, the most common being:

  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Directory Sites
  • Specialty Sites (TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon, etc.)
  • Paid Review Sites (Angie’s List)
  • Social Media Sites (Facebook)

patient reviews can be found all over the internet and are widely used by potential patients to make purchasing decisions. In fact, according to recent studies about 90% of consumers read reviews online with about 88% of those consumers trusting what online reviews say when they are considering a purchase. If your practice is missing out on review sites, you could be depriving 88% of your potential patients' vital information they are looking for.

Search Engines & Review Sites

Google and other search engines also pull data from external review sites when ranking websites. The more positive reviews you have across multiple sites, the more likely you are to rank better in organic search.

Managing Your Online Reviews with Pozative

Think that managing all your online reviews is difficult? With Pozative you can see all your reviews from around the web in one easy to use dashboard, and you can even send review requests to your patients, increasing your chances of getting positive reviews! Did you know that 86% of consumers decide against purchasing decisions when they read negative reviews? Make sure you know about your practices reputation online; it could mean the difference between a new patient for you or your competition.