The Relationship Between patient Reviews and SEO

The Relationship Between patient Reviews and SEO

In today’s competitive market, most companies are willing to take any SEO advantage they can get. To achieve that, many are looking to an unlikely place: patient reviews. It’s always a good idea to have happy patients buzzing about your products or service on various review platforms, but more than that, these reviews can actually work to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. To learn just how reviews boost SEO, read on.

Google Reviews and SEO

Google takes your company’s entire reputation into account when calculating their SEO rankings, which means not only looking at Google reviews but at other review sites, too. Good reviews give your company more credibility, which means Google will prioritize your website above others that have bad reviews. Bad reviews, as you can imagine, hurt your rank.

Why Reviews Benefit SEO

If you want to know why patient reviews are so good, consider this: although bad reviews will negatively impact your SEO traffic, patient opinions can actually be great for boosting organic traffic. Search algorithms take user-generated content into account when calculating their rankings, and patient reviews are an easy way to get fresh content about your website.

Reviews boost social SEO as well. The more people are talking about your company on social media, the more people are sharing those posts and linking back to your site, bringing more traffic and increasing the number of backlinks that exist.

Looking at what your patients are talking about and engaging with them boosts social conversation with your audience. It also boosts long-tail keyword traffic if you look at what key terms are used in their reviews and then use them on your site. You’re allowing your audience to do your keyword research for you while also obtaining helpful feedback about your product or service.

Overall, a good review can go a long way towards increasing your website’s visibility and ranking on various search engines. With Pozative, you can easily ask your patients to write a review and respond to them when they come in. Get started for free on our website today!