3 Overlooked Features on Google My Business

3 Overlooked Features on Google My Business

When it comes to owning a business in 2019, there are a lot of things you need to do online if you want to be found. Google My Business is an excellent tool that many people aren’t utilizing properly. Today, Pozative is discussing the 3 most overlooked features on Google My Business and what your business should do about it.

Reviewer Notifications

Did you know that people who review you will receive notifications when you respond? Most business owners didn’t either! Receiving notifications allows the customer to know you have responded, increasing the likelihood that any issues are resolved. Once you have replied, you’ll have 5 minutes to make any edits or correct any mistakes. We recommend always taking your time when it comes to replying to reviews, making quick decisions may not work the best.

Questions & Answers

Another feature of Google My Business that many people are missing out on is the Questions & Answers. Customers can use a forum to leave questions and receive answers, making it much easier to learn about your business and hear from your loyal customers.

Google My Business Descriptions

Google is now giving business owners the power to leave a 750-character description right underneath their reviews on organic search results. This description allows the business owner to speak directly to potential customers, increasing the likelihood that you receive visitors to your site. We recommend avoiding keyword stuffing. Make sure your description is something that will make customers want to work with your business.

Get More Google Reviews Today!

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