The Correct Way to Handle Negative Reviews

Using Online Reviews for More Dental Patients

Do you own a dental practice? Wondering how you can attract more patients online with reviews?

Make Negative Reviews a Positive Experience

Although no practice owner is happy to receive negative feedback/reviews, it isn’t the end of the world! If your dental practice receives a negative review, make sure that you turn that negative review into a more positive experience. You should always respond to negative reviews and attempt to address the patient’s concern/issue.

In a lot of situations, a patient may be completely willing to update their review if their problem has been properly addressed. Showing potential patients that you are willing to make things right can also be a huge benefit.

Act on patient Feedback

This still focuses a bit on the turning a negative into a positive, but any feedback should be taken into consideration as a practice owner. If a patient takes time to inform you about a problem in your practice, we recommend addressing the concern. This can result in less negative feedback about your practice in the future along with potentially bringing back any patients who had a previous negative experience. Once the feedback has been addressed, make sure you let your patients online know also.

Track Competitors

Want to learn more about your local competition? Examining competitors online reputation and reviews can be an excellent way to learn more about their practice, any strengths and weaknesses they may have and what you can do to stand out.

Blog About Them

Did you know that blogs with user-generated content such as reviews are more likely to rank on the first page of Search Engines? When writing your monthly blog posts, be sure to include information about your patients’ experiences and reviews, not only can this help with attracting patients, it can help you become more relevant on Google.

Get More Positive Reviews with Pozative

Wondering how you can obtain more positive reviews about your practice? With Pozative you can automatically send review requests once your patient has left your office, this can greatly increase the chances of obtaining new, positive reviews for your dental practice.