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Ways patient Reviews Can Benefit Your practice

For many practice owners, the thought of exposing their brand to “patient review” can be quite intimidating. However, in 2018, patient reviews are more important than ever and in order to stand out among the competition on the internet, it might be time for your practice to bite the bullet and start generating some reviews. Having reviews could be the difference between you or your competitor receiving a new patient today.

Influencing Purchase Behavior

Recent research has shown that online patient reviews, whether they be on your website or on another review site such as Yelp, Facebook or Google can play a huge role in whether or not someone converts as a patient. Think of online reviews as the new “word-of-mouth” advertising.

Engaging with Customers

When it comes to online reviews and review websites, these platforms can be another way for you to interact and engage with your customers successfully. Even when the reviews aren’t the best, these communications with your customers allow you to know where your business is succeeding or where it is falling short and allows you to correct the issues. Imagine if you never received any feedback, you could be losing more and more customers by the day.

Search Performance

In 2018, online reviews are even becoming more important when it comes to search engine rankings. Websites and businesses that feature more positive customer reviews across the web may be more likely than those without to rank for the exact same keywords in the exact same locations. Even Google understands the importance of customer reviews these days.

How to Get More Positive Online Reviews

With Pozative, an online reputation management platform, you can easily generate new online reviews for your business. Our convenient dashboard allows you to monitor your online reputation, send review requests to customers and even filter out the negative reviews. Best of all, you can start using Pozative for FREE today!