What is a Customer Engagement Strategy?

What is a patient Engagement Strategy?

Have you ever heard of patient engagement strategies? Are they really helpful or is it just buzz? patient service is not just about commenting and replying to posts and other basic communication. In the truest sense, it’s about the patients experience and relationship with your business.

The Benefits of Positive patient Engagement

  • Improved patient Experience

    Engaged patients feel appreciated, valued, and have a better all-around patient experience. It has been said that apart from price and quality, patient experience counts most when it comes to buying decision.

  • Heightened Customer Loyalty

    When customers have positive experience with your brand, they feel connected and are most likely to buy only from you which will increase your loyal customer base. They recommend your brand to others also.

  • Greater Market Share

    If you offer an enjoyable and unique experience, even if you offer the same product or service as your competitor, you will have more footfalls and it’ll lead to greater market share.

7 Strategies for Better Customer Engagement

  • Speak Like a Human

    People like to be with a brand with which they can feel connected. Use ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ in the marketing content and update the automatic messaging and emails to focus on customers.

  • More Lines of Communication

    Texting and interacting platforms such as WeChat, Facebook Messengers, Google Click-to-message, and WebChat are all potential platforms that helps customer to connect with you.

  • Social Media

    By keeping customers updated about products and services and offering discounts and offers on social media along with picture and video sharing is a way of customer engagement.

  • Customer Experience First

    People want you to put them first and often choose a company that focuses on their needs. Train your staff to be humble, polite, and professional.

  • Not Just About Selling

    You need to engage the customers by offering interesting content which makes them follow and keep a track of you.

  • Customer Feedback

    It makes the customer feel that you care about their experience and wish to make changes for providing better product/ service.

  • Implementation

    Once you have got the feedback, it’s time to take it positively and make changes.